Why You Need to Use a Master Resume – Top 3 Reasons

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What is a Master Resume?

Why use a Master Resume?

Master Resume As Your Starting Point for Each Job

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What Is a Master Resume?

A master resume is a document to help you create other resumes. It allows you to list every accomplishment you’ve earned, skill you’ve acquired, education, all of your jobs, etc. in one place.

Why Use a Master Resume?

When you apply for multiple jobs you’ll need to make adjustments to the words you use in each resume. When you use a master resume, it makes it easier for you to start at a good place where you can easily insert or change your resume words, while preserving a master copy using your own verbiage.


10X Me Tip

We recommend using a master resume to preserve what you originally created. When you apply for 3 or more jobs your resume will change, based on the keywords you use from the job requirements. Don’t forget to ensure you are using the best resume action words to help you stand out. 

Tip #1

Sometimes the company’s verbiage is company-specific and doesn’t translate to the rest of the world. An easy example of company’s using their own language is if the company chooses to use the word ‘solutioning’ in their job posting instead of problem-solving. I know what you’re thinking, solutioning isn’t a word! Rule of thumb is if they use the word and that word is important, meaning that it was mentioned multiple times in the job posting, your resume should use that word also.

Tip #2

Your master resume can be a little longer. You may be used to cutting down and not having enough room to fully brag about yourself and all the things you’ve accomplished. You can also capture great resume bullets or statements that are difficult to fit in your regular submissions. When it’s time for you to apply, you can then determine which statements to keep and which ones to save for another time.

Master Resume As Your Starting Point for Each Job

Yes, you should create a unique resume for each job submission. Don’t worry! You don’t have to overhaul everything. You just want to make sure the words used in the job posting are spelled exactly the same way in your resume.

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Why You Should Use a Master Resume

You will want to save yourself time. It speeds up the resume writing process by giving you all your career details and accomplishments in front of you.
As a job seeker, a master resume also gives you a really good look at your career and see all you’ve accomplished, with the details.

Top 3 Reasons to Use a Master Resume

  1. Speeds up resume writing process, especially when you apply at multiple companies
  2. Gives you a bank of great bullets and statements to consider
  3. Gives you a great starting point to add finishing touches and ensure the job posting keywords are sprinkled throughout your resume

Ready to use one? It’s easy. When you’ve created a good resume to start using as your resume master model, save it as Master_Resume.docx. Then, use this file to update your resume with each job you apply for. Remember to Save As first before you overwrite and save over the master with something like this: first_last_company_resume.docx.


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