What to Do After Graduation: 24 Life-Saving Reminders for Grads

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We’ve curated 24 life-saving reminders for new grads so you know what to do after graduation. We’ve got you covered. This is an exciting time for a new transition and new change. You’ve been waiting for this time. There are many exciting opportunities ahead for you. 

You are living in the intersection of fear and excitement. Excitement is waiting for you on creating new opportunities that don’t exist today. Then the fear sets in and asks you, “Will this be different?” Since this is unknown, your inner voice will remind you, “This is scary. We’ve never done this before. Watch out! Slow down! Wait a minute. Shut the front door! This is change!”

Despite our inner voice preventing us from immersing ourselves in progress and success, we overcome our thoughts by taking the first step. We move toward the fear and the obstacles that are presented right in front of us. We then take the second step, and third, then fourth… And, it gets easier, and less scary, and more comfortable.


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As we move toward creating our new life we find that there are people just like us that are excited and scared. We surround ourselves with those that do not shy away from trying something new. We connect and share our life (we only have one) with those that live their dreams, and go for it.

Just like riding a bike for the first time. When we fall and fail, we get back up again, brush off the dirt, and go for it, again and again. And, when we crash into the neighbor’s mailbox, we cry, cry, and cry. Then we pick up the mailbox and put it back like we never hit it. Wait a minute… that’s my first biking story when I was four. You get the point. We get back on the bike, right? I’ve never met anyone that has never gotten back on the bike. 

24 Life-Saving Reminders for Grads

1. Don’t wait for others to be your biggest fan. That will come later. For now, don’t wait for acceptance. Go for what you believe in and want. Aim high!

2. You’re not a failure if you don’t know what you want yet.

3. You don’t have to marry anyone right away.

4. You don’t have to break-up with someone right away.

24 Life-Saving Reminders for Grads

5. You don’t have to buy a house right away. Especially, when you are looking for jobs that are local and even may be in another city or state.

6. You don’t have to start a relationship.

7. You don’t have to go on a shopping spree and accumulate more stuff. Life is much easier when you have less stuff.

8. You may not be motivated now that your routine is different and new. Re-establish your routine on the outcome you are trying to achieve. Ask yourself at the beginning of each day, what outcome do I want to achieve today? 

24 Life-Saving Reminders for Grads

9. You may be lost, and feel depressed. This is normal and temporary. Change happened and it happened for a reason. You made progress and now are in a new place in your life. Let’s call it a new level in your life. You leveled up. Now go explore and find out what this level is about and all that it can offer you.

10. If you feel unproductive, for five minutes make a list of all the things that are on your mind. At the end of five minutes, write an X on the items that do not create value for you. Circle the 3-5 items that are most important to you. For all the other items, delegate them, delete them, or deprioritize them so they do not stay in your head. You will have freedom when you are only focusing on the 20% of stuff you need to do that creates 80% of the results. Do less to get more done. Sounds better, right?

11. You may feel tired, fatigued, and restless. Talk about it. Write about it. What if this is the best year of your life? You did just accomplish all those things, right? Give yourself some comfort and don’t be so hard on yourself. You just finished something amazing. Write about how you were able to do it and pick three people that made an impact on you.

12. Should I stay or should I go now? If you’re staying, keep it clean and tidy. If you’re moving, don’t settle on being unsafe for a lower cost.

24 Life-Saving Reminders for Grads

13. You don’t have to be “grown up” and live alone. You can have roommates you know and like to spend time with.

14. You will still dream about exams in class, being late for class, that crush you never talked to, and the effects of you now being grown up.

15. Look for ways to get you into a positive state. Your music playlist can get you there. Funny movies can help you feel happy. Environments can also put you in a positive state. It’s okay to move yourself into a different space so you can feel something different. When you are not in the right state of mind, notice and acknowledge it, then take simple steps to change it.

16. Trust your instincts, but rely on others that have experience and are successful. If others offer advice and they are not successful, ignore it. If others offer advice AND are successful, listen more deeply, more intently, and take notes. They are giving you a secret for a reason, so you can apply it. If no one has offered advice now is the time to start asking for it.

24 Life-Saving Reminders for Grads

17. You don’t have to do this alone. Connect with others that are like you, believe in you, and have similar goals. Now is NOT the time to surround yourself with others that don’t have goals. Goal-oriented people are contagious. Find them!

18. Don’t wait for answers to come to you. Find them. You have resources all around you. Be resourceful! Odds are you will find more information on the internet, in a library, or someone you talk to.

19. When you’re stressed and have doubts, breathe. Remind yourself this is temporary and that really good things are just around the corner. You are resilient and adaptable. Your courage will overcome the down and bring you back up again. Remember, you’ve got this!

20. When we spend time with others that live their dreams, live their passions, and live their life, it is contagious.

24 Life-Saving Reminders for Grads

21. Don’t forget to check in on friends and offer support and care for them as they are figuring out the start of their lives. You may find they are feeling and experiencing the same things you are. Encourage each other to continue to focus on.

22. It’s okay to talk to others if you become sad and unsure. It’s okay to even see a professional counselor if you would like to talk to someone that will keep the situation confidential.

23. Don’t underestimate the power of spending time with those people that make you feel good, encourage and inspire you. Find those people. They are contagious.

24. When you are ever unsure and don’t know what to do next, think of this: The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. Have faith that as you are creating your life, your hope will drive you even when there is nothing to be seen yet. Focus on your unbounded potential, your unwavering belief in possibilities, and you will live the life you have always wanted. Go get ’em!

We hope these lifesaving reminders help you. Share them with a friend!


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