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Passion Meaning

According to the Cambridge Dictionary passion meaning is:
1) a powerful emotion or its expression, esp. the emotion of love, anger, or hate
2) something that you are strongly interested in and enjoy

We created a FREE guide for you based on principles from positive psychology and research. What is the passion meaning in your life? Discover and know yourself with this easy to use guide. Designed to help you live a happier and passion-filled life! 

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What Your Passion Meaning Is and Is Not


The more passionate you are about yourself, your work, your life, or whatever you are focused on and working toward achieving… the more positive energy you give off to others around you. The passion meaning for you is meaningful. Ultimate happiness comes when you are driven to do what brings you the most passion.

Passion shapes our existence, lights the fires of motivation and inspiration and opens us up to opportunities and positive changes all around us. Passion is our enthusiasm and excitement for life.


  • People don’t live with passion because they don’t know what their passion is. Passion keeps your heart beating and inspires the soul.

  • Seeing the World from the Wrong Perspective. When you see the world through your passion-doors open for you when you enjoy the most from life.

  • Closed Minded and Closed Off. Curiosity fuels limitless opportunities and the path to discovery.

  • Boring life, Period. Lighten a heavy life. Possess the flexibility and freedom to have fun and embrace adventure.

  • Worry, Uninspired and Hopeless. Passion is contagious and is the only way to truly be fulfilled. Passion gives your life meaning and purpose. Inspire others to feel better about themselves.

  • Uncertain and Not Enough Time. Prioritize you. It’s your life. You only live once. There’s no better time to live with passion than now. Become goal and achievement focused.

  • No Money. No Future. Money is not scarce. It’s everywhere. When people see you as living passionately, they want to be just like you and want you on their team and work at their company.

  • Holding Back From Love. Love fully and deeply. Open yourself up to discovering all that’s out there and waiting for you.

Passion Meaning In Your Life

Living with passion is everyone’s major goal in life. Imagine turning a great deal of your unused capacity to your advantage and unlcoking your passion meaning. Don’t we all want to say ‘yes’ to life? We’ve all heard and read stories about people living their passions every day. Do you want to you feel more alive? Would you like to start living your passion-filled life?

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