Examples of How to End a Cover Letter

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You’ve finished writing your perfect cover letter and now you want to leave the hiring manager with one sentence or two to leave the perfect last impression.

You shared your enthusiasm and excitement for the position you applied for, you showcased your value proposition and the value you provide to the company, even used the same language from the job posting to ensure your keywords match.
Yet, there is one thing left to do. It’s time to wrap up your cover letter and send it off to the recruiter or hiring manager. Sounds easy, right?

Follow these easy tips below to ensure you get the call to schedule your next interview

1) Restate your enthusiasm

2) Restate your passion

3) Demonstrate your Connection to the company’s mission

Then, Choose the correct end

The ending of the cover letter could be one of the most important parts of the letter because it is the last sentence the hiring manager reads. This is the part they will think to themselves and wonder, “is this candidate the one?” The end of a cover letter is how you will be remembered.

Restate your enthusiasm

In the closing section of your cover letter, tell them what you told them and restate how you are a strong fit for the role and company. Thank the employer for her/his consideration. You can also uses this space to further qualify your credentials for the role and express enthusiasm and interest in the next stage of the hiring process.


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