48 Best Pieces of Advice for Graduation

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We’ve curated 48 best pieces of advice for graduation. You’ve been waiting for this time. It’s finally here! There are many exciting opportunities ahead for you.

Upon reading all the tips, you will be ten steps ahead of everyone else. I couldn’t help but think that these pieces of advice are for anyone—and really everyone—should read them, too. Enjoy!

48 Best Pieces of Advice for Graduation

1. Never give up, aim for the stars, don’t lose who you are, follow your dreams, and keep learning.

2. Keep loving. Try to accept who you are and also try to know how to accept people for where they are, but don’t let them ruin you in the process.

3. Be happy. Don’t give up on something or someone who makes you so happy. Shoot for your dreams and do monumental things.

4. Change the world for you and for someone that will follow in your shoes. Have hope.

48 Best Pieces of Advice for Graduation

5. Talk to people and learn… Everyday. Do something nice for someone everyday even if it’s holding the door for someone.

6. Be polite and greet the janitor with the same respect you give the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. The CEO had to start somewhere. He could have been that janitor once.

7. GIVE YOUR SEAT ON THE BUS TO SOMEONE WHO NEEDS IT. Be aware of those around you. Never miss an opportunity to help someone in need.

8. Act like someone is watching. They usually are.

48 Best Pieces of Advice for Graduation

9. You’re young; respect those older and wiser around you.

10. Speak the truth even if your voice shakes.

11. Live with integrity. Whatever you could lie about is easier to be understood when the truth is told first. 

12. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what’s right and what you want or need.

48 Best Pieces of Advice for Graduation

13. You catch more flies with sugar than salt. Treat people as you would want to be treated. If you pass a homeless person. Look at them. Try to help. You could be sitting right next to them in the blink of an eye.

14. Use your manners. Say please, thank you, and excuse me.

15. Always apologize. Know when to accept responsibility. They will respect you more for it.

16. Don’t be afraid to change your opinion at any time…. especially if you feel like a jerk because you were wrong and a jerk.

48 Best Pieces of Advice for Graduation

17. Don’t let pride get in your way of being a kind person, and know when to lose the fight.

18. Fight for something. Especially when it’s the right thing to do.

19. Ensure others understand what is ok and what is not. It’s okay to let others know what you value.

20. You are still young and a new chapter of your life is just about to start! Embrace it! 

48 Best Pieces of Advice for Graduation

21. There is no “TAKE 2″ in our life. Accept your failures and learn from your mistakes.

22. Okay, your whole life is ahead of you….what have you learned that will serve you well?

23. Self discipline…you’re going to need it

24. Finding answers to your questions… how to do it?

48 Best Pieces of Advice for Graduation

25. How to treat people you meet along the way…. the way you would like to be treated

26. Where you came from, who you came from?

27. Would your mother / grandmother be proud of you…. of what you are about to do?

28. Are you about to do something that will embarrass your children

48 Best Pieces of Advice for Graduation

29. Plan your life…carefully… then be mature enough to handle what happens, inside of your plan and outside of your plan

30. Life takes money, earn some… friends… earn some… mutual respect… earn some… a sense of self worth…earn some… a sense of purpose…

31. Give back… enjoy…

32. Get a head-start on life while you are young and energetic. Don’t use these years to sit at home and watch TV, but rather, use these years to discover yourself and your career callings too. Explore and try different things.

48 Best Pieces of Advice for Graduation

33. Set short-term and long-term goals to know what matters to you in life and what you define as “success.” Not everyone has a different version of success. Some people aim to become astronauts, others olympic athletes, others entertainers, others engineers, others high school teachers, and still others are happy to work at minimum wage jobs and focus on their families. Know what matters most to you.

34. Look after your finances. Spend wisely and earn money through work when you can too. This is especially true if you are taking out student loans.

35. Choose a career in which you feel you will grow.

36. Learn new languages.

48 Best Pieces of Advice for Graduation

37. Read books.

38. Keep learning.

39. No one is Perfect. Don’t expect you have to be perfect.

40.Check your choices and review the possible consequences on, favorable or unfavorable, before you decide actions.

48 Best Pieces of Advice for Graduation

41. Laugh, a lot.

42. A reason, season or a lifetime. Not all of your friends will be your friends in 5 years. Directions in life change for every human being.

43. Be the best version of you and know that is of value always!

44. Don’t stop now.

48 Best Pieces of Advice for Graduation

45. Do what’s most meaningful for you.

46. You will survive your twenties.

47. Have faith in your future.

48. Enjoy your love.

Special thanks to: Julia Yeckley, Kevin Chee, Donald Martin, Chloe Forbes, Suraj N K, Tawni Maisonneuve, Ed Haas, Alex Zendo, Jowanna Daley, and Akash Arya


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